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This is Why

As a new photographer, I thought I'd give you a little insight into who I am and why, really, I decided to turn a hobby I love into a business. There are two answers to this; first, my family, and second, you all!

The picture I put on this post is of my son this past October. The dragon costume, a gift from my aunt, caught his little imagination almost immediately. This wasn't Halloween; in fact, I think I took this photo on a Tuesday after work when we got home and, as usual, he dragged me outside immediately to explore the backyard. The costume just added to the fun, and he was giggling as he wiggled the tail and dragged his wagon, weaving in and out of the trees.

Looking through the pictures I shot that afternoon (in a hurry so we could get back to play play play!), I was struck by such a rush of emotions. A pang of longing for my own childhood, when my imagination was so vivid I could just about convince myself to believe in anything. The possibilities of what the world was capable of seemed endless to me, and I was so excited to explore every inch of it. After that, excitement for my son, knowing everything that stands before him. So much to learn, to see, and to experience! I was almost jealous, wanting to go back to a time when everything was fresh and unknown. Finally, I was struck by what felt like nostalgia, but for a memory and a time that was happening right now. Is there a word for that? I felt so strongly that time was flying by, and if I didn't consciously savor what was happening in my life and my family's life right now, it would be gone forever.

It was this last in-the-moment nostalgia that prompted me to finally start my photography business. Every time I see the picture of my son, innocently exploring our yard, happily dressed as a dragon, I'll remember so clearly the moment that we shared. With these photos, I can revisit this moment in my family's story any time I want. This brings me to the second reason I started my business- as a photographer, I can help all of you save memories the way I could that fall day in the yard. Capturing your family, saving moments, highlighting love and emotion- this is why I want to connect with all of you. I can't wait to get started!